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World Filokratov

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Filokratov world (346 BC) was concluded on terms of recognition of the situation. For Athens, his conditions were not favorable. The city should have come to terms with the loss of all their possessions on the Thracian coast. After the conclusion of Filokratova World Macedonian troops, passing Thermopylae, entered the territory of Phocis, and Thebes with an army routed fokidyan. The council Delphi amfiktionii fokidyane were excluded from its membership, and the vacated place was given to Philip, for his part in the 'holy war'. In 346 BC Philip presided over the ancient Pythian Games. This was a landmark event because for the first time at these Games is not presided over a Greek.

Despite the peace between Athens and Macedonia nothing could change the hostile attitude of Demosthenes to Philip. He has made as much effort to organize a new war with Philip. Gradually, his speeches Demosthenes pull over on its side, more and more citizens of Athens. But Philip has continued the conquest, capturing what was left of Thrace. Once in 340 BC Philip marched to the straits between the Aegean and the Black and Perinf besieged the city on the northern shore of the Marmara Sea, in the attitudes of Greeks towards Philip, there was a drastic change.

The desire of Macedonia to take control of the Straits hurt the interests of all the Greek cities, who were dependent on supplies of grain from areas of the coast. The predominance of the People's Assembly in Athens again moved not towards a democratic group, which was led by Demosthenes. Athens People Assembly declared war on Macedonia. Athens sent a fleet to the Bosphorus. Near the Byzantine Empire was a naval battle in which the Macedonian fleet was defeated. But the hope that this victory will stop the expansion of Macedonia does not justified. In 339 BC Philip won a rich, gold coin minted its own kingdom of the Scythians (the center was in the Zaporozhye region), and then again turned his attention to Greek affairs.


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