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The main objective was to extend the educational space stops beyond the classrooms, to live deeply contents in the practical one where the pupil learns with its proper search for the knowledge. The project was developed in stages, first an inquiry through a focal group, where the necessity of practical lessons was identified inside of disciplines of sciences, giving beginning the application of the project with theoretical recital on cell, following of practical with the use of optic microscopes. The pupils they had day-by-day related what content applied with its. The pupil understands better when the educator makes use of varied didactic technique, using the most adjusted for the situation and considered content. Word-key: Sciences, Education, Intervention. INTRODUCTION In basic education, the practical lessons stimulate the pupils to develop abilities, to construct the knowledge and to awake the curiosity on the object in study aiming at to the collection of information, the participation accomplishes of the pupil in activities motivates the practical it to learn to interact with its proper doubts and searchs conclusions and results. To try to skirt this situation, whereas scholarship holder of the PIBID (Institucional Program of Stock markets of Incentive the Docncia) and teaching future, we carry through a focal group, that is one technique of research that it collects given by means of group interactions, with thirty pupils representing 30% (thirty percent) of the pertaining to school group, divided in three groups of ten, where the difficulties, the necessities had been diagnosised and analyzed the reality of the pupils.


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