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Working From Bed

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Currently, thanks to constant technological innovations, working from home is a reality for many people. Which is obviously a great comfort and an apparent advantage, often can become a trap. So you can work without leaving the bed? If you are one of the people who take breakfast and read the news in bed, probably your answer will be: and why not? If everything that you need to work it is a laptop, a mobile phone and an internet connection are able to convert your bed into an Office. But there is a tag, so to speak it, for working in bed. First and foremost, you must be sure that do not harm anyone. If you share the bed you want to make sure you don’t invade spaces and moments of your partner.

If you are working from bed, coordinates schedules with your partner not to interrupt or disturb your sleep. Your partner needs to rest and you need some privacy to concentrate. Another factor that you should take into account is the body posture. It is appropriate that you work seated whenever you need to write; If you want to lie down procurement do not do it while you write since it is very easy to finish with headaches by bad posture or even with cramps. It is recommended that you install a good headboard of bed, straight lines and solid bed Headboards preference, and that amazes you to lie down on a hard cushion upholstered in fabrics of flat texture. In addition, for working in bed and not lose energy you should implement a routine physical exercises and light power to stay in shape. If you carry too sedentary, work in bed you will hurt in the medium term.

You can also apply Feng Shui techniques to maintain the energy of the bedroom in circulation. This will help your creativity will not stagnate and give greater impetus to your level of productivity. In this directory you will find dozens of articles that will help you to easily apply the principles of this ancient art. As you can see that using the bed of Office has their flats. Although if you can adapt to this style of working, you’ve fulfilled the fantasy of thousands and thousands of workers: being able to stay in bed every morning.


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