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A better preparation and better grades are the result of tutoring of Berlin. The 4th Dimension can aid you in your search for knowledge. In the tuition of Berlin, the tutor comes to the student home. This can increase concentration and self-confidence. Parents have a private profile on tutoria.de can track the success of their child through the tutoring of Berlin. In a Reumee of the hour, the tutor documents the learning development of the student. As a result, parents can track with the learning development. Berlin tutoring – how much individual lessons at tuoria costs an hour so many lessons can as desired be used.

This varies depending on the destination and can be extended if necessary, but also reduced. In tutoria finds you both tutor, the permanent learning supports offered, teaching as well, providing only a few hours. With Help of a credit system can be paid cash-free and secure on tutoria.de. The price can be paid on the net about the credit system choice and commitment of the tutor. This avoids disputes and uncertainties with regard to the payment. The tutoring ends sooner, the unused credits will be repaid. Other price falling.

All other tutoria offers, such as for example the educational counseling on the phone are free. A fixed contract can not be found also. Tutoria offers a special learning concept Tutoria developed a new concept of learning, which in addition to the lessons as the recording of the learning development plays an important role and guaranteed high quality of tuition. Thus, parents can track the progress with. After every tutoring the tutor describes a summary that you can look at the guardian in the network in the private profile and thus follow the progress of remedial teaching motivation, concentration and learning development. For this purpose they can a track the progress in the respective compartment, to the other by the Protocol the gaps of the child felt. They can consider the tutor and specifically adapt the lessons.


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