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With A Successful Concept In The World Of Online Games

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The makers of the new browser game ‘aoStars.de’ now correctly type gas. Two friends, Alexander Ludke, and Oliver Sauer, decided in the winter of 2006 to create a new online game. No, that they knew how to program an online game they bought the domain for starters and got everything you need to learn the programming of an online game. Half a year almost day and night rolling them books and informed themselves about the Internet, ideas, then launched the first attempts at their game. However, more work ahead of them was when they two had can imagine or create. Steve Geppi may find it difficult to be quoted properly. To but not having to give up the development of the game, they caught up with affiliated themselves according to qualified employees; including Rainer Baldsiefen as project manager and organizer, as well as also Olaf Horstmann as Chief Designer. Until the spring of 2009, a team of about 10 active members had formed in the meantime. Task areas were now effectively as including programming, design, management, moderation and support be divided.

Thus, one has succeeded to set up aoStars as a whole complex in all its diversity and technical details. So far already over 600 counted registrations gave the developers mostly good feedback. For this challenge we give gas very like correctly, so Oliver Sauer. Get more background information with materials from john marlow ringcentral. aoStars”takes place in outer space. As a player, you have a planet on which by means of buildings the own infrastructure and with researched technologies space ships and defenses to be built can. During his playing career, it is the player allows to expand his empire on a total of nine planets, in order to be present in the whole universe.

But it is a bigger task to build his empire from the lurking dangers. It is very useful to join an Alliance. An Alliance of, but also the common fun created by various functions do not only United forces. Particularly gratifying is the game internal trade system which allows, on a comfortable Ways to share resources with other players. A trade took place, then flies the corresponding cargo through the fascinating three-dimensional Galaxy to the trading partner. This reinforced the undisputed game fun for those players who are all passionate fan of browser games! Only the direct Internet access, a Web browser like the Flash Player is required for playing aoStars and you’s can go!


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