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Winter trips to the island of Antigua continues to enjoy immense popularity among tourists. Holidays in Antigua provides the opportunity to feel truly free from everyday life, issues and concerns. Only here You can switch to live in a completely different rhythm, enjoying the lush tropics, sea, sun. During winter vacation in Antigua you can feel the unforgettable atmosphere of bright and colorful Antigua holidays carnivals that take place in many cities of the island almost every day. The coastline of Antigua – a 365 beaches, exactly the number of days per year. You can go from beach to beach, and every time before you will enjoy a unique tropical landscape.

Antigua Hotels are famous for hospitality and high service level. Holidays in Antigua would be more interesting if you vacation on the beaches alternate with active leisure activities. Always sunny Antigua has an active recreation. Tours in Antigua – an opportunity to learn about the rich historical past of the country, visiting cities, based Spanish settlers and pirates, go on an exciting safari jungle or feel the adrenaline rush while playing sports. The capital of Antigua – the city of St. John. There are many attractions: the famous cathedral, the old Spanish mansions, cozy, narrow streets, the shops of artisans.

In St. John's, you can make fascinating Aerotour by helicopter and listen to the game at the famous pan-drum, invented in Antigua in the mid-twentieth century. While on holiday in Antigua you will also be able to climb the mountains Boggy, and Soufriere Hills, Montserrat, a boat ride on a boat, go fishing on the high seas, or visit the cities of Old Road, Liberty, Couples and Freetown, where the famous Antigua holidays. Map of Antigua would not be able to tell you all about this wonderful island. Do not deny yourself the pleasure to visit Antigua, check out the pearl of the Caribbean!


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