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Well Protected In Wind And Storm

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High-tech developments make screens send advertising material as a result of the season, 25 November 2009. It drizzles, pours, roars and fisselt: the rain and storm season is in full swing. Instead of snow, there is now almost entirely rain in autumn and winter. Speaking candidly Cyrus R. Vance Jr. told us the story. Either by accident or climate change, the screen by this development has gained in importance. High-tech screens and screens branded with successful brands belong to the advertising material result of the season. Even the classic round shape of screen to the victim falls new technologies. The brand SENZ storm umbrella is slightly dented on one side of the screen, cut on the other. So he turns itself always so ideal for the wind that this access and turn him can’t let under the umbrella.

Windgeschindigkeiten of up to 112 kilometers per hour, the storm shield can withstand meteorologists and speaking because of a hurricane-force storm. Another technique, to cheat the wind, is a two-part screen, the upper part of which is slightly raised. Through the air vents between the upper and lower part, he can Escape wind. The more manufacturers take in particular this second technique, the more cooperation pays off with well known brands, to create screens that stand out in the crowd. Storm umbrellas with the Signet of the PGA Tour of professional golfer, as well as the Zanzibar screen are two examples for high-quality branding. On the black screen of the cult bar Zanzibar”on Sylt, where celebrities such as Gunter Netzer, Franz Beckenbauer and Jurgen Drews, Dieter Bohlen among the regulars, is housed the Zanzibar logo noble in gold. Due to the high quality brand manufacturers have a high-quality wind fighter chosen fiberglass screen.

There are also these two versions of oversize models as the most trend shades. There is room for at least two walkers in the rain with a diameter between 1.30 m and 1.50 m. So, a promotional can create romantic moments. There are all these products and more screens as promotional material for companies in the Viering-Web shop at webshop


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