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Actually weapon is divided into three major categories 1) small hand combat and cold, and 2) civil, and 3) service. Certainly considering the fact that service and civilian weapons is only a weapon that is manufactured factory, not artisanal, producer, has a license to manufacture arms. Let us dwell on the consideration of personal firearms oruzhiya.Na pages World Weapon Civil weapon is the weapon which is used by people to defend themselves, to engage in hunting and sports. Civil weapon firing eliminates queues and the availability of tanks store more than 10 rounds. In general, the AK-47 with him to the bosom of legitimate grounds will not be able to wear! But due to the fact that the country's instability, socio-political upheavals, and the gangster element to freely move about the streets like that you really really want a obezapasit.

Call "Protect yourself itself "has not lost relevance today, and so forth arm! The slogan of World Weapon-God created human beings, and Colt made them equal, is still relevant today. The most effective means of self-defense and the institutionalized population is pneumatic, gas and traumatic weapon. Ie those remedies that are only temporarily affect the living target. Gas pistols and revolvers are different from the usual form of firearms only in that hit your target threat is not a bullet, and copious stream of chemical fillers that actually leads to irritation and effects on the mucous membrane of the enemy. Most of the guns in the domestic market, is automatic, ie, self-loading. Thus, we are left with only the reflection attacks aim accurately, and consistently pull the trigger. Although the most important thing of course not lose our nerve in this situation. In revolvers have their priemuchestva.

The first is the simplicity of the design, stable and reliable. Revolver as a pioneer – always ready to shoot! That is only used when firing shells extract is somewhat problematic. You need for a certain time, which in some cases their weight in gold. But with the achievement of skill you can have it quickly enough to cut. The choice is yours! Characteristic model; IL-76 is used sound, as well as gas caliber cartridge 8 mm. GR-95 "Bison", the name of a revolver pyatizaryadnogo speaks for itself. RG-22, a well-known manufacturer Izhevsk, different from his fellows rather compact size that allows it to revolver freely placed in the pocket, and just as comfortably fit in a handbag. And of course we can not mention the gun RG100, in its production design is the main criterion. This finish of chromium and nickel, as well as …. From Gold! So, besides a good fighting performance, and more shocking effect on the abundance of gold is guaranteed.


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