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Water Containment

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Jose Mountain range, where in pragmatic, but detailed way, I presented the project of an equipment for RECEIVING conceived and called me OF TEMPORARY PLUVIAL WATER CONTAINMENT, with drawings, calculations and suggestions. Its Excia., from very gracious way, for its Assessorship, returned being thankful me and communicating that the project had been directed to the SIURB? City department of Infra Structure and Workmanships, for analysis if to seem. 20 days after, grace of the expedient 3928/Proj-G 2005, was informed by Mr. Superintendente de Road Projetos OF the VIABILITY OF the STUDY, with suggestion also of immediate definition of a basic basin ' ' piloto' ' , in the capital of So Paulo, for assembly, test and gauging of results (DOC I). The Dr. Jose Mountain range left the City hall in the year of 2006 in order to candidatar itself, with success, to the government of the state and the subject was neglected.

3? DATA TECHNICIAN. The Container of Temporary Pluvial Water Containment, nothing more is of what a box d? water with small orifices in the lateral and the deep one, installed below of the ground on a box of britadas rocks or sand, and has the purpose TO HOLD BACK, temporarily rain water precipitated on the physical space where if it finds the building in question, allowing as soon as, for decantation, this water returns of course to the ground in a stated period of two or three hours, after finished the precipitation pluviomtrica, being thus, prepared to receive more rain, temporarily in the same or another period. 3.1? This box, projected in plastic of good density, with a meter of diameter and three meters of height, would have small orifices in the part to be embedded in the land of the construction, the external side and the deep one and would be installed, as already said, on a box of brita or thick sand.


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