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WALPURGIS Night In Berlin Dance

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Hundebbesitzer furchen riots on May 1, 2010 concerned Berlin dog owners are aware of these riots and dare hardly with her dog on the street. You need already nerves such as wire ropes. Who would like to do to these stress yourself and especially his dog, gives his beloved four-legged friend for the time to the Walpurgis night at a dog service representative of his confidence. The dog owners simply have fear and are concerned not only about their own safety, but especially to your dog, because who wants to do his small and large business continue as usual out and for example in peace Fellows meet and get his necessary outlet, says the popular dog sitter Murat Karakaya from Berlin Tegelort. The dog owner me their dogs then support by the hour, or just even per day, depending on the needs, depending on the request.

Here the dogs are safe from the ‘famous’ Berlin may riots and in good hands, because they get their several hours spout, species-appropriate and loving dog kennels, also for the holidays, to the Vacation time or sick leave. “They can relaxed the dance in the May 2010 take part in, or stay flat at home, if it is uncomfortable out there on the streets of Berlin. The dog walker runs his dog sitter service in Berlin Tegel. His animal carers services for dogs are especially in demand, because he understands it skillfully to gain the trust of the dogs in loving, animal friendly fashion. Not only the dogs, the dog owners, that arrange an introductory meeting with dog sitters and dog trainer Murat Karakaya, feel in good hands with him. So the animal handlers leads even valuable tips and tricks dog and owner in the Tegeler forests, at work can look to him to become their own image and get to the dog training. For especially lauffreudige and sporting dogs, there is a special and individual dog walking program free of charge. The dog run is for the four-legged species and an unforgettable experience.


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