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Visited The Airport Tempelhof To Barack Obama?

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Action Alliance would like to thank the allies for the Veterans Day and invited Barack Obama to Tempelhof. Volker Perplies, by the Action Alliance be-4-tempelhof.de: at the latest with the airlift proved that former enemies can become friends. “World history was written on the Tempelhof airport with the airlift, which until today is continued.” today’s Europe would be inconceivable without the historical achievement and the victims of the years 1948 and 49, “continue to Perplies. The be-4-tempelhof.de Action Alliance congratulated the incoming President, Senator Barack Obama on his historic election victory and inviting him, as soon as possible, as many of his predecessors, to land on the airport of Tempelhof, the symbol of freedom, and a better world on the peoples of the world to send his message of change and hope. Joachim Kiau, by the Action Alliance: the 60th anniversary of the end of the blockade, the end of the Berlin airlift, on May 12, 2009 would be a suitable appointment. No other place in Europe is better for it.” The vast majority of Berlin has internalized the message of the airlift.

If we go every Saturday for Tempelhof and Klaus Wowereit at the airlift Memorial on the road, so this is also the lesson of two German dictatorships. The Action Alliance plans a protest train regularly in the future. The parades begin each Saturday at the Platz der Luftbrucke at 15:00; Targets will be among others: the Rathaus Schoneberg, the courtyard of the temple, the Kurfurstendamm and the Brandenburg Gate. There, each signatures for the “referendum for the world heritage Temple of Justice and more transparency in politics” and the petition are collected.


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