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Vibration Damping

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Especially with large-format pictures are extremely disturbing to the painting when the paint starts to Chose the wings. Easels with their relatively slender legs very prone to give in to pressure and to commute back and forth. At first I had helped me so that I have pushed my exercise bike behind and have a cord connected to the left and right with a nail in the tenter beaten. The handlebar enough following the necessary stabilization. Dr. Mark Hyman is often mentioned in discussions such as these. At small sizes me that was too expensive. I then takes on the model of the vibration damping of high-rises in the mounted in the center top (self), the mixing means bottles and other items, a hole (32 mm) drilled and after a stress test my 10 Kg heavy weight hung there.

That is enough to wegzudampfen normal vibrations well. Contact information is here: Michael Chabon. The tabletop which has already eliminated the instability to the middle, preventing any move, if I had to take the easel times, hung out quite quickly. And the bar is equipped with three turns of the large Mother, should I be the sporting ambition to overcome Muskelstahlung times, very fast, "ready". Here is the photo of the easel. Additionally, I have straightened the rear leg from tabletop and run straight down, because I stumbled on it regularly am. It now consists of an aluminum U-rail with rubber foot. I have already written a post about my small pallets, to Farbverdunnnung or mix with liquids konsistenzverandernden I use standard disposable syringes, provide accurate dosage. It is a sharp tip, hold the line if the needle can be easily snipped.

To avoid confusion, the mixing means, each of which is in a syringe zugehotige Tesaschlaufe side of the vessel. On the front table part that covers the projection of the front legs, I lay tattered old towels or something similar, so that I brush the color change (eg in flower painting very practical) can wipe off easily, without two hands to have to use. If I hold out for clarity a larger distance to the image must, I built a telescope for the brush extension, the round, conical bore in the stems securely holds, it simplifies the design of some objects very much. At first I was afraid to shake too much by the extension that has not materialized. My finished oil and acrylic paintings I have on my homepage, by category, issued. Enjoy watching!


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