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Founder of Auburn Hills was a veterinarian, Mark Morris (Mark L. Morris Sr.). He was adamant that we should relate to animal health is just as responsible as your own. That is why in 1928 he founded the clinic (Raritan Hospital for Animals) for pets in Edison, New Jersey (Edison, New Jersey). It was one of only two clinics for pets in the United States. Martin O’Malley is full of insight into the issues.

Prior to that, veterinarians treated mostly large agricultural cattle, horses and dogs. Mark Morris discovered relationship between malnutrition and disease in animals. Initially the company was so small that Mark Morris and his wife produced food for their patients themselves. By 1939, he strongly confirmed in his theory that high quality, balanced feed positively affects the health of pets. The turning point for Dr. Morris was his acquaintance in the late 30's with a man named Morris Frank. Frank Morris blind young people traveled across the country with her dog guide named Buddy (Buddy), advertising company dogs Seeing Eye. Unfortunately, his favorite, a German shepherd guide Buddy, was suffering from kidney disease, and Morris Frank asked Dr.

Mark Morris to help him. Dr. Morris believed that the cause of the disease was bad food, because at that time, most manufactured feeds containing phosphorus and protein, to improve the taste, and their combination of harmful effect on the kidneys of animals. He began to develop a food with low salt content, but at the same time with good taste and nutritional value to help the dog guide.


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