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Vasily Ivanovich Demuth

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Widely known its composition, depicting tied to a tree satyr Marsyas. Talent of Russian artists clearly manifested in the creation of sculptures of the Great Cascade of Petrodvorets. Instead of lead statues were made from the new sculpture Bronze – 'Samson' mi Kozlovsky, 'Sirens', 'Perseus', 'Neva' fi Shubin, '' ip Prokofiev. Prominent place among sculptors belong Vasily Ivanovich Demuth-Malinovsky (1779 – 1846). The creation in 1813, the product of the 'Russian Scaevola 'it inspired the events of World War ii. Calling the figure 'Russian Scaevola' sculptor likened the feat of the Russian peasant with a feat of the legendary Roman warrior Mupii Scaevola. According to legend, in ancient Rome during during the war with the Romans, the Etruscans (V in. bc.

er.) Roman youth had to get into the Etruscan camp to kill the lad Porsenna, but was captured. Porsena threatened the boy violent torture, demanding the extradition accomplices. Wanting to show that he not afraid of pain and death, Spevola put his hand into the fire and did not utter a sound until the hand is not burned. In 1812, a military historian Michael AI-Danilevsky (adjutant of Kutuzov) described the feat unknown Russian peasant performed by them in World War ii. Napoleon, wanting to fill up his army at the expense of Russian, forced them to stand up to the French service, and to stop the runaways, and commanded them to brand, that has been received by the military unit and caught after his escape, was shot as a deserter.


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