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As the great and inimitable woman Coco Chanel: “Luxury – is when the reverse side as beautiful as a person.” We think that no one can deny it. If the inner state of mind depends only on us, the second component of the concept of “luxury” that is, the person also depends on how you look after him. Speak on “what is more important: the soul or outer beauty?” Can be a lot, but really only the supporters of inner beauty or never wanted to attract attention is the outer shell? Every woman at least once in my life thought about her appearance. After the prom, weddings, various celebrations, no one pass by, but respectively, in such important life moments you want to be attractive, even not afraid of this word, just beautiful. Unfortunately, we were too late to notice that the skin of our face brings us. And it does not matter in What you age. Skin care, we must start as early as 20 years.

Because in every age, our skin manifests itself in different directions. For example, women ages 25 to 35 years, faced with oily skin. But after 35 skin begins become dry or combination. Undoubtedly, one can assume that the skin type of fat is easier to care than the dry. Each type is distinguished not only care, but also his characteristic manifestations.

The main problems (with a visual point of view) of oily skin are a bad person and too shiny pores. But dry skin, on the contrary, has small pores and dull dull hue. Regardless of what type your skin is, keep in mind that care should always be. It is advisable not to forget to carry out the procedure twice a day: morning and evening. Start with the procedure of purification. Cosmetic company DeSheli proposes to do this in three stages. Regardless of your type of person. The first step, start with cleansing milk from a set of Israeli cosmetics DeSheli. You may wish to learn more. If so, John Mclaughlin is the place to go. He thoroughly cleanse the skin from makeup, dirt and dead skin cells from the surface. Rinse agent and does not rub the face towel. Because Gentle Scrub Series Crystal Youth is applied on a damp clean skin. Scrub also contributes to our cleaning and softening the skin. And, finally, prepare a skin tonic herbal. Phito Tonic from DeSheli fine consolidate result of purification and refresh your skin. Continuing the procedure, you must give skin nourishment. If the procedure takes place in the morning to put the Daily Moisturizing Cream SPF15 from a cosmetic kit for women. This should be easy massage movements, avoiding eye area. In the evening just as well plot the Night Cream Phyto. Now we have reached the finish line, and we need to do the latter, but a very important breakthrough, apply Wrinkle from DeSheli. In the morning it means you will not be afraid of your reflection in the mirror, and night will hide the bags under his eyes, which are characteristic of virtually every woman. In the words of English poet and dramatist William Shakespeare: “External beauty is still more precious when the inner covers. The book, which closes the gold buckle gold content, acquires a special respect. ” So let us heed these words and do not be afraid to be beautiful!


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