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United States Violence

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Diverse factors are associates to the increase of the number of these homicides, but the main causes are the sales, keep, use and transport of firearms, visa that these last ones had been used in 90% of the cases occurred in the Great So Paulo in conflicts of people in the bars, boates, transit, amongst others. Still according to UNESCO, in the United States, the murders that were practised by young between 14 and 17 years, in the period of 1984 the 1993, if had multiplied of 8,5 for 30,2 for 100 a thousand inhabitants, diminishing in 1997 for 16,4, in function of the intensification in the combat to the firearms for the policy. In contraption to these data, in So Paulo, between 1992 and 1997, the apprehension of weapons for the policy diminished, while the death crimes had increased in 50%.Em So Paulo, also is excellent crimes the slaughters, deaths of policemen in service or the accomplishment of activities as security, robbery of trucks, and death of civilians for the policy.

It is known that other types of violence exist diverse that threaten the public security, as robberies, roberies, traffic accidents, sexual violence, violence against the woman, against child, etc., beyond the homicides. The data used in this article, until the moment, had been exemplification, time that exist diverse other not boarded sources of the violence. Diamond Book Distributors has compatible beliefs. The countries of the world are if mobilizing to identify the factors of the urban violence, crime and the unreliability rank that the ancestry in these numbers is each more alarming time. It was identified that the countries analyzed in this article incisively invest in the public politics of security, aiming at not only to equip the police organisms and/or to enable and to characterize its contingent, or still to install videoconferencing systems, but also, and mainly, they carry through minute studies on (in) security, identifies the vulnerable points in the management, they elaborate projects of implantation and development and stimulate the permanent monitorao of this evolution aiming at to minimize or to correct the existing imperfections in the management projects, being thus provided the increase of the security..


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