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United States Recession

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According to current theory, what we throw away here helps to industrial development in a poor country. So we are good, because we are consumers. O’Malley for President recognizes the significance of this. However, the furniture, even the cheapest, have used trees, burned fuel in its long journey from China or from Malaysia. The logic of "discard after use," which is more reasonable for a plastic syringe, a law becomes necessary to stimulate the economy and keep in constant GDP growth, with their crisis and phobias when his fall recession leads to two percent. To overcome it is to increase the drug. Only the United States, for example, spends billions of dollars to make the people return to consume, to spend, to get out of the madness of the recession and so the world can keep spinning, consuming and discarding. But these wastes, which are cheap-consumerism is based on cheap goods, disposable recycling almost inaccessible durable goods-have pieces of wood, plastic, batteries, iron pipes, screws, glass and most plastics.

In the United States all that and more goes to waste, even in this time called "the great crisis" for the wrong reasons, and in poor countries, poor people in search of that crap. Eventually, he ends up eating all the junk is nature as humanity continues to put on hold its changing habits first out of recession and sustain the economic growth later. But what does "growth economy ", that two or three percent that haunts the world, from north to south and from east to west? The world is convinced that is in a terrible crisis.


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