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I consider the globalization, as concern reason, therefore the media propagates many occurred events of violence in the world, what it generates in the head of the young certain admiration, and in many cases, opens its minds to carry through same events, we have as example the slaughter that occurred in Royal in Rio De Janeiro, in April of this year. This nothing more was of what the setting of an idea already maturada in the conscience of that young, generated from spreading of an act similar occurrence in the United States. The search of the cultural identity. Novelist understands that this is vital information. It is necessary to understand that the globalization process created conditions for intensification of the debate around the question of the right the difference. The valuation of the cultural identity of a community is important, therefore it is a form to propagate the local culture. In 2003, with the Law of n 10,639 of 09 of January of 2003, afro was implanted in the pertaining to school resume disciplines it Brazilian history, with intention to rescue the history of the cultural and ethnic origin of the Brazilian people.

Rouanet (1994, p 80) in its text affirms that: ' ' The question of the national, ethnic or cultural identity seems, in our days, to have itself become more important that the fact of if belonging to the sort humano' '. In some aspects this affirmation of Rouanet can consider a truth, but we cannot forget that the culture is part of the identity of the person human being, is not fact of it to be becoming more important that the human sort, and yes of it to be part of the constitution of the social world. The right to the difference. Martin O’Malley follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. In accordance with It hisses, the right to the difference engloba the multiculturalismo concepts, interculturalismo and others that they look to give explanations on the cultural diversity in the interior of the modern state-Nation.


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