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Solidarity 5 the contribution is categories that make possible the overcoming of forjadoras structures of the competition, the individualism, the marketing vision of the educational politics. Sages we are of that solidarity was the decisively vital experience in the social organization of the ancestral homindios. In general way, the societies human beings are in its dependence, in such a way yesterday, how much today. Without the shadow of a doubt, he is clamorous to rescue it in all the contexts, therefore, ' ' questions that affect all directly the humanity deserve a common and solidary concern of all humanidade.' ' (BOFF, 2003, P. 90). the education or the subjects, problems and situations educational they are questions that say respect, directly or indirectly, to the human beings. The experience and the experience of solidarity do not occur ' ' in a pass of mgica' ' much less in situations, environments impregnated for the individualism, the superiority, with determinista intention of certain groups or factions. The collectivism and the dialogicidade are its possibilities: What it allows, however, the collective construction of solidarity is the systematic resource to the dialogue in all the fronts and all the levels.

… The human being … is a being of relations and communication, therefore one to be dialgico. It is its ntica and transcendental, always present dimension in all the human citizens of yesterday, today and always. This dimension gains concreo and feio in history and the culture. (BOFF, 2003, P.

33). Recent document of the Organization of United Nations for the Education, Science and the Culture (UNESCO), organized for Delors (2001, P. 11 and 49), in relation to the education politics, detaches as objective primordial: A more harmonious development, more authentic, in order to make to withdraw the poverty, the social exclusion … the education has therefore the responsibility in the construction of a more solidary world …


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