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Along with the banner of the European Union, U.S. and British flags presided over the celebrations that accompanied the past day 17, the unilateral declaration of independence of a new micro-European State: Kosovo. Thank you, America, praying the banners of the euphoric Albanian Kosovars. Here, US Senator from Vermont expresses very clear opinions on the subject. But European leaders could hardly share the jubilation of the ethnic Albanians. Many thought that the decision by President Bush to recognize the new Balkan country without waiting for the verdict of the United Nations Security Council would open the Pandora’s box of European nationalism. The independence of Kosovo represents the final act of the tragicomedy devised by strategists Westerners, that led to the dismemberment of the former Yugoslavia. Federation of States and provinces that came together thanks to the efforts, at the end of World War II, by the legendary guerrilla commander Tito. But Tito had the misfortune of being Marxist and the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia have been become, after the fall of the Berlin wall, the last bastion of Communist orthodoxy in Europe.

This explains, but it does not justify the precipitation of the generals of NATO to put an end to the enemy, with the mirage of totalitarianism in Eastern Europe. The occupation of Kosovo by forces of NATO in mid-1999 was to prevent is our claims ethnic cleansing operations carried out by the army of Belgrade in Bosnia and Croatia. But despite the provisional mandate of international forces, they had no intention of returning the territory to Serbia. The protectorate of NATO began its long march toward a sovereignty under international control. For Serbs, the dramatic battle of Kosovo in 1389, represents the first defeat inflicted to Orthodox Christians by the Ottoman armies. For the Albanian minority, it’s a conquered land. Between 1974 and 1989, the province enjoyed a special autonomy status; Belgrade had no interest in rekindling the flame of nationalism.


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