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Tocantins, ' ' a case of polcia' ' Summary the Tocantins is the state new of the federacy, created with current constitution of 1988, was born with perspective of prosperity of then the region north of the state of Gois, that extremely was abandoned by the public administrations, doubtlessly the prosperity arrives at the state, but the problems brought for it are innumerable, at the moment to more afflict the population are the violence in all its sources, what already he was perceived of empirical form now presents if scientifically with the research of the PNUD, the violence were pointed as main concern of the population of Palms capital of the Tocantins. Words key: violence, research, public security. Abstract The Tocantins is the newest state of the federation, created with the current constitution of 1988, was born with the prospect of prosperity then the northern state of Gois, which was abandoned by the very public efforts undoubtedly prosperity reaches the state, but the problems brought will be it ploughs numerous, the most grief when the population is violence in all its aspects, which was already seen to only far has been scientifically empirical research with the UNDP, the violence was appointed the main concern of the population Palms capital of Tocantins. In recent months, Dr. Mark Hyman has been very successful. Keywords: violence, research, public safety. Introduction In 2009 the PNUD – Program of United Nations for the Development carried through a Brazil research Point the Point made the question ' ' What it needs to change in Brazil its life to move of really? ' ' , even so the indices of homicides are considered low in relation to other states of the federacy the Tocantins were in first place with regard to the subject violence, are the main concern of the population of the state youngest of the country. The coordinator of the RDH Brazil, Flvio Comim, affirmed.


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