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Recommendations of the ONU (Organization of United Nations) headquartered in New York exist, United States, in the direction of the universal access to the services of familiar planning, and this service to be part of that they are given by the public health. It also has contraceptive methods, of method, birth control, action, device or medicine in order to prevent or to reduce the propensity of a woman if to become pregnant woman or to give to the light without if it feels prepared for this. This actions, also known as methods contraceptive, are important nowadays for planning familiar, because they assist the couple that it desires to still have children or, in the prevention of the pregnancy, rights assured in the Federal Constitution of Brazil. if cannot speak of familiar planning without the responsible action of assistance to prenatal, of incentive to the natural childbirth and Caesarean reduction of the number of unnecessary, reduction of mortality materna, specific confrontation of the violence against the woman, assistance to the climatrio, and cases involving pertaining women the ethnic minorities. CONTROVERSIAL CONTROL OF NATALITY birth control is subject controversial in much cultures and, even so either less controversial than abortion specifically, still faces opposition of much people, including those that is against all forms of control of birth that mainly does not use the sexual abstinence, that corresponds to the privation of sexual relations and costuma to be defended as a preventive resource against the sexually transmissible AIDS and other illnesses, between adolescents. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Martin O’Malley by clicking through.

These programs look for to inform the young of the curses and to acquire knowledge them of the responsibility that assume when of the daily pay-marital sex (before the marriage) and supply the abstinence as healthful option and insurance against the pregnancy precocious and the DSTs. He is obvious that these programs have of being preceded by a correct sexual education that teaches the people to use its better energies to treat illnesses, to promote the health and the logevidade, to improve the abilities in the study and the professional exercise, to expand the mind, to reach different levels of conscience and to develop the direction of superior espiritualidade. Therefore I do not see incoveniente some in considering it contraceptive method that helps in the prevention of an unexpected pregnancy. OF the ACCESS the INFORMATION In fact, the health also confers the sexual rights and the reproductive rights, exceeding the demographic objectives, but focusing the necessary development of the human being since the conception and rejecting all idea of legitimation of the abortion. The assistance in familiar planning must include, therefore, the access to the information and all the methods and techniques for natural conception and contraception, scientifically accepted, and that they do not place in risk the life and the health of the people. To be successful, a program of familiar planning must, therefore, to be integrant part of a plan politician, economic, social and educative of a serious Country. It requires thus the existence of a series of favorable conditions, as efficient basic infrastructure, preventive health, health care attendance of accessible quality equally to all, and an education with ecumenical espiritualidade capable to acquire knowledge and to alferir the support of the population, mainly the one that has minor access to this basic benefit for a better life.


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