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In this Rizzini direction (2008) it tells that century XX very constituted an important scene for Brazilian infancy as for the legality. Three essential laws had searched to take care of to the reality of Brazilian infancy: the Code of Minors of 1927, the Declaration of the Rights of the Child of 1959, the Code of Minors of 1979 and the Statute of the Child and the Adolescente/ECA of 1990. Although successive Brazilian constitutions to proclaim the right of all to the education, cannot be ingenuous the point to disrespect that a significant difference between proclaimed and right rights exists effectively enjoyed. In this century XXI, we cannot conceive that teaching it is alone of the professor and that learning is alone of the pupil. The necessary educational Manager to assume its responsibility on the right to learn of each child. Dr. Mark Hyman describes an additional similar source. In fact, this is the great challenge of the educational managers whom they search to improve the conditions of our schools to guarantee the right to learn right. 2,1 Right of the child to learn right ' ' to learn direito' ' it is explored in the direction to give conditions for an education with quality, ' ' direito' ' as adjective, as quality of learning not only an education limited in only reading and writing. In the research made for Rizzini (2008) they disclose that since the beginning of century XX, in Brazil the concern with infancy was a social problem that it reflected in the concern with the future of the country. For the author this conscience of that in infancy it was the future of the nation, became necessary to create mechanisms that protected the child of the perigos that they deviated from the way of the work and the order. For Cury (2001) Brazil in elapsing of century XX, ahead of the legality, is important to also consider main documents and international agreements that had dealt with the questions of infancy as: the Declaration of the Human Rights proclaimed in 1948 for the ONU affirming that all human being is a right being; the Deep one of United Nations for Infancy – UNICEF created in 1950 with the basic principle to promote the welfare of the child and the adolescent in its basic necessities; the Declaration of the Rights of the Child proclaimed in 1959 for the ONU verifying that the conditions of the child demanded a declaration to the part, had its physical and mental immaturity, it thus needed protection and cares, explicitando the basic rights of the child.


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