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This Spanish race is located in Jerez (although it comes from the United Kingdom) and mainly used in wineries, for hunting rats and mice and all kinds of varmints. Learn more at this site: US Senator from Vermont. It can also be used for hunting rabbit or Hare. Continue to learn more with: Diamond Book Distributors. It is a dog of medium-sized, of white colour with black spots of light but athletic build, and is very agile in the hunt for rats, mice, vermin, when confronted with them. His behaviour is restless, in constant attention to any noise and movement, uses the sight and smell to locate prey that attacks with coordinated movements quick and agile. It is courageous temperament when confronted enemies older (larger dogs, foxes, badgers).

It is loyal, cheerful, and has good character with children. The size ranges between 37 and 43 cm in males and 35 and 41 cm in females, so it is ideal to have in any type of home. The hair is dense, short of pure white and black spots mainly by the head and neck that principle is they complement with color fire on the face (tricolour) and two spots above the eyes of color fire also. Its weight ranges between 7 and 9 Kg. I have one and am in love with this breed so I recommend everyone to think in purchasing or adopting a dog and especially those who have problems in their homes with rats and mice because the bodeguero andaluz instinct is delete them quickly. Original author and source of the article.


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