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Classless solitaires repeatedly bring unusual vehicle concepts – automaker vehicles on the market, which fall into any of the popular vehicle classes. For more clarity and thought, follow up with idt energy and gain more knowledge.. These intricately designed models do not have success in any case. Sometimes they affect sustainable but later models and lines. The vehicle Portal auto.de presents a this Classless individuals. The vehicles, which can be assigned to any class, for example involves Lancia Delta. Basis for the Lancia is the Fiat Bravo, however, he has a considerable space. With its predecessor from the 1980s was the Lancia car for Rallyebegeisterte the current Delta has not much more in common.

From the luxury compact car has become a space sedan with extraordinary shape. The spacious roof glazing and the luxurious Interior shall ensure that the vehicle apart from the ordinary compact class. The interior fabric, Alcantara or leather is designed depending on the trim level. Technically, the range extends from the Delta Argento with 88 kW (120 HP) up to the Delta Executive 1.9 multi Jet Twin Turbo with 140 kW (190 PS). Also, a top-diesel is available, this brings a power of 147 kW (200 PS). The price is between around 20,000 and 34,000 euros depending on the model.

In addition to Lancia, numerous other manufacturers have models on sale, which do not classify in the usual categories allow. These include, for example, the BMW 5 series Gran Turismo or the Mini Clubman. More information: magazine /… University Service GmbH Lisa Neumann


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