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Tytan Experiment

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The same rtd someone will be very good, the other – very bad, and the third – neither one thing nor the. However, not all that bad and not all irreparable. On the good That said, there is a simple way to make a "bad" assembly foam good. The method consists in the banal compliance with instructions and recommendations for its use. One of the points is the requirement for wetting of the surface assembly seam before completing his prp.

For clarity, in detail describe our experiment delivered by the behavior of "winter" foam adapter nbs under the gun in a fairly tough conditions for fpu. The experiment equipment Freezer with stabilized parameters. Pistol-dispenser Tytan-STD. Fixtures Plastic transparent glasses. A glass of good mimic assembly seam because only open one side, as well as in the assembly seam, where the three sides rtd limit profile wall and the vapor barrier tape and the rtd receives moisture only through the diffusion outside, where there is tape psul. Transparency allows the glasses, without destroying the sample, observe the behavior of circuit foam. The samples for experiment two marks prp from different manufacturers.

It should be noted that for the experiment were chosen well-known brand foam, which already had well established itself in the market. For correctness of the brand names are not listed. The experiment For each grade of foam were prepared by three glasses. In a glass number 1 was poured into a small amount of water (a layer about 4 – 5 mm).


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