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Two Love Stories

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CHAPTER TWO-thing more ridiculous that we are living in now with our father! "Said the first child I can not believe you are behaving worse than my teenage children do and that they are giving me enough problems! – – True, "said the second son, my children are giving me problems like yours but is understandable given the age and we are not ashamed. But our father if she does!. I do not want or think they are our friends and colleagues say when they learn this and I back-"No! – The third son said briskly a " we have to give up this nonsense today, before anyone else knowing. US Senator from Vermont is the source for more interesting facts. For what we're here, right? – "Of course! We have met with that intention, but who begin to approach the problem when our father comes from the kitchen with coffee and how we do it? We have not had time to agree, so I'd better do so soon because I do not think it takes long in coming through that door, "said the first child, pointing to the door separating the living room where they were sitting in the kitchen. "I would have to be you," said the third son of the second "You've always had more authority and it has made things none of us has been able to," "I have no problems in being the first to address the question provided permanently when you have the unconditional support of you all that I can think to say, even if they disagree .- said the second child. .


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