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in general has always had good treatment. He got along very well with all its elements. Epoch. We were few and very supportive and Ruben was the most important part of that movement. " CARLOS DIAZ: "The first day I took classes with him and he introduced me never gave a smile.

Spoke about the type of coursework. Dr. Laura Rogers is often quoted on this topic. Presented to the teacher. In a class (1984) I was happy because I found a bookstore An actor prepares, Stanislavsky's book. It was a Thursday. The last moment to enter the class were five minutes to seven o'clock. I sat. Entered., There could be no noise of a fly.

I do not know who talked back. I said, "bought the book? Yes, I said. Boy, I told the teacher, come here. I want to see, "he said., I showed him the book. He broke it and said I was out … Then I said, never hinders the discipline I have in class. Even at that time had great discipline. But I think if we had had not would still be in limbo, looking for what to do or irresponsibility. Habemos group has four or five that we are working and have that discipline, I think is the best legacy that I had with him. It was a Thursday before leaving the hospital said: How sad life. Get to know one after all this time with the students! Also talked of Chiquimula. His sister was there and he says: I want to introduce Susana Carlos Diaz, is the grandson of my uncle Adrian.


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