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Travel Tip Trans-Siberian Railway

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Has the adventurous train travelers settled first in the cushions of the famous Trans-Siberian railway with the Trans-Siberian railway from Moscow to Vladivostok, boost brass, velvet and mahogany prompt on the imagination. Without hesitation john marlow explained all about the problem. What happened is probably behind the curtains of the former heads of State and Salon turn of Russia’s rulers? Today the faces of passengers are open and natural, with cordiality and sign language. In every wagon stands next to a boiler which ensures at external temperatures lower than 20 for comfort, even a Samovar with hot water. The tea bag in your hand luggage is compulsory and also helps the understanding. The record-breaking lifeline from Moscow to Vladivostok on the Pacific coast that legendary old route was once as important trade route meanders in 160 hours of pure journey time.

Overall, 9.288 km railway line with Pickaxe and shovel were created. It is considered the longest in the world. Shut off. Better-known tourist branch lines through the plane endlessness of the desert Gobi. Distant mountains, impenetrable Taiga and mighty Siberian rivers pass at the window while with the Mongolia, Russia and China, three countries open up. The nostalgic train rattles across six time zones and stops at 396 stations. For a few rubles, delicious home-cooked food directly from the pots of Babutschkas is eaten on the Puritan stops. At the end, it has traveled two continents and a stately one-third of the globe on Rails.

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