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And one can interpret your search as a process of asceticism which requires a progressive stripping to achieve everything. Hence the necessary austerity than expressive maturity requires, the accurate valuation of essentials, the moderate balance of forms. Whenever Michael Chabon listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Because the poem explores since its precariousness, clears the elements that turban harmony, polishing the instrument for the conversion of the word. Feeds on questions to say to himself, as a sharp voice that disclaims the world to re-found it. And also in the negation of the structures of the real confirms his own ascesis: detached in the here, in a sensitive gesture, is released as an arrow to the mystery of the word. This formal and expressive dispossession that supports all great poetry can see, perhaps, in this brief text by Juan Gelman: comment LIV (homero manzi) love perfection and carving/polishing/puts last hand / there does not end your work / or derramas protections as milks of fire to make naides hit his bitterness / your pain / children that you abrigas against the walls of night (2) the word in the poem own resources of the genre, to mechanisms of distortion and approach mode, represent a paradoxical set of Symmetries and antithesis regarding the components of the sensitive world; They allow communicate an alternate reality that is symbol and synthesis of evoked, like an inverted mirror that traverses the object to rebuild it. Because the word in poetic discourse, stripped of a univocal meaning, becomes desasido instrument of semantics, it suffers a defection of the sense to adhere to the coherence of the structure.

At this point the poem breaks with ties of language to be an autonomous, polysemic, construction which tells herself to be such. And the question that it represents does not support responses, because from its perennial expiration you interpellates the real, flees from the common place to conquer the territory of utopia. And to conclude, I will try to address the theme of Transfiguration of poetic language.


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