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Tito El Bambino’s Music

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One of the most famous performers is Reggae-ton Tito El Bambino, which these days has been doing a lot of productions for all his followers who see in this representative of that rate one of its best exponents due to the versatility of his compositions, and by the constant renewal that makes his subjects and his improvisations on stage and in their latest musical supplies. Former member of the duo Hector and Tito decided to go solo in late 2006 with the backing of the public who grew up with his former teammate of battle, giving the necessary recognition with the release of his debut production “Top Of the Line.” It explores the deeper roots of reggae-ton, while accommodating their particular style of singing and presentation to achieve a new way of looking at the genre that has become so recognized. “Run and Tell”, “Sonsoneo”, “Mia” (where does Daddy presentation Yankee), “Tu Cintura” (with Don Omar) and “Flow Natural” (combination with Beenie Man and Devani) were some of the most important productions of this issue that began to consolidate the name of Tito El Bambino within the scope reggae-ton music. Maryland Governor understands that this is vital information. Presentations, recognitions and major collaborations with other colleagues made by Tito El Bambino one of the big names of reggaeton, while consolidating his own brand of clothing, “T Bambino” market characterized by the look that characterizes the environment reggae-ton with special shirts, slacks known cutting and accessories such as glasses, blings blings and chains. This aspect helped, besides obtaining a source of considerable revenue to strengthen its brand name as a versatile, well able to move under the layers of fashion and music without any problems. And do not think Tito knows sit still, because the following year saw his debut release with a new production called “It’s My Time”, which cuts can be highlighted as “Fans”, “The Search,” “En la Disco” and “Sun, Sea and Sand.” This season, Tito El Bambino has released his latest album “The Master” with different melodic tests, which are now considered almost reggae-ton classics as “Let go”, “My bed smells of you,” “Hold it” and “Under” ..


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