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Tips And Tricks Guide To Farmville

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Farmville has become one of the most popular social network within Facebook, this game is to advance a farm. You'll be the farmer and the sole responsibility of the crops and animals. Martin O’Malley has firm opinions on the matter. Have several plots where you have to grow and prevent the break down, you have to feed and care for your cows, chickens and other animals to make them your pets, among other things. You can take this as a guide from which You will increase your farm assets and be the best farmer in Farmville. Guide Farmville tricks a trick: You have to take into account the time since last harvest if we do not time to collect, will rot and we lost everything invested, so it is important to calculate when to start planting demos. 2 trick: It is not advisable to save, here we do not pay interest so it's best to spend (or invest, as look at it) as possible.

You spend money on animals, trees, crops, anything that makes your farm expands. 3 trick: Ten friends, send friend requests your friends (from the tab MyNeighboars). The more friends you have, if the visits at least once a day helping them gain experience and money, which is highly recommended. 4 trick: When you log in you can send gifts, do not hesitate to do it every time you start, probably get back gifts. The good thing is that you will send gifts for free. 5 trick: Take care of your animals when they arrive at 100% capacity will produce different products such as milk, wool, eggs, which can sell for more money sacer. 6 trick: Build, buying buildings, in addition to leaving your farm more beautiful, you will gain experience. 7 trick: The more neighbors you have more you can expand your farm, so you know, to send invitations to all your friends! 8 trick: The trees, when they reach 100% fruit that you can sell, so you know, plant a lot. 9 Tip: Each time you log receive coins, so try entering several sometimes for days If you need to make friends (friends have many advantages) you can visit the next group, where there are more people looking the same: at the top of one of the best of times.


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