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Therapy Park For Hyperactive Children In Preparation

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Recognized Austrian Association for hyperactive children takes economics and politics in the Upper Austria/Linz duty for the sake of ADHD children. At the headquarters of the Association for hyperactive children in Linz, despite the quiet Christmas time the phones running hot because it is important to realise one of the greatest visions in Austria for add/ADHD sufferers. The talk is of the so-called hyper kids park. End of 2010 he should be all possible therapies for add/ADHD completed comprehensive children hyper kids park. Also an activity area for even affected adults is installed. The area is approximately 3,000 m up to 5,000 m in take and a habitable buildings with small Club gastronomy, an accommodation for ADHD include children during the holidays about a lecture or seminar room, climbing wall, paddock for ponies, and a lot more. We are now quite yet at the beginning, but we are determined to put all the stops in Austria, this really To implement pilot project for therapeutic purposes, add/ADHD.\”until the year 2010 in the beautiful Muhlviertel, the Deputy Chairman of the Association for hyperactive children Harald Spari is convinced. But the situation in Upper Austria for 2009 for the dedicated Club has two sides.

On the one hand municipal and regional elections will be held in the selected state, which speaks for a larger dialogue the politicians decisive with, on the other hand, the impact of the global financial crisis also in Linz and surroundings are clearly noticeable. Because it says for the employees of hyper kids to pull all the stops to find remaining financially strong sponsors, who have a heart for special children. In this respect the Club has imagined but a medial way of detour profitability. Which means this project for feeding with companies on advertising media can calculate probably everyone on one hand!\”says the Board Member Patricia Spari, which completes the advertising bar with full vigor.


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