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' '. In this scene of order economic and complemented by the religious factor, they appear the entailed educational coordinates to catequese. In this direction, ' ' the education is not with priority goal, since it does not have necessity of special formation for the performance of functions in agriculture. Although this, the European metropolises sent religious for the work pedagogical missionary and, with the main purpose to convert the heathen one and to hinder that the colonists if deviate from the faith catlica' ' (ARRUDA apud HIDELGADO, P. 73, 2005). O’Malley for President has firm opinions on the matter. One perceives that the real power transforms the Church into the important instrument to guarantee the unit politics and uniformizadora of the faith and the conscience. This means an affinity between activity missionary and the domination politics.

However, the religious activity of the Jesuits was interrupted by the pombalina reform. With passing of the time, after some modifications in the education, it starts if to expand and one initiated the attendance to the popular layers. Throughout the History of Brazil, discrimination, racism and preconception had always been part of daily of the life of the population afrodescendente, reflecting itself still more in the life of women, prodigiously discredited men and children social and economically, situation that, considering 500 years more than of existence, little got excited. In 1854 the decree n 1,331 legitimized to the admission of slaves in the public schools, more ahead, in 1878 the decree n 7.031-A did not determine that the black ones could only still study the night and thus, some mechanisms had been developed similar of, making it difficult such chance of education, if it is that we can call chance. It was established, since then, a ethnic-racial divider that if took root in the pertaining to school systems and from there the Brazilian society was wasted for all. Many years later one searchs to modify this picture, from the same vehicle the Education, but, unhappyly, it can be affirmed that the process of disqualification of armed a system so arraigado of preconceptions and on the dormentes of the segregation will be a difficult fight, long and painful.


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