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Every experience of sexual assault is unique and every woman can only truly realize its true dimension. Sexual violence is a fact: i) Much more common than most people believe. ii) Much more common than broadcast media. iii) Much more frequent than the official statistics and records set. Although there is no means only sexual violence against women, since it also talks about sexual violence against men, against the child (a) … II. DESCRIPTION OF THE PROBLEM IN SI .- The problem of family violence is an issue for which this work barely show: A) The tip of the iceberg of this new millennium, in addition, projections indicate that the statistics are increasing.

B) Below this point is submerged emotional violence, abandonment, neglect, control, brainwashing, isolation of 25% percent of women of almost 50% of their children, depression, states confusional severe chronic panic, dissociation, memory problems, eating disorders and behavior, lacking self-esteem, emotional restraint, running away, learning disabilities, among others. C) The immersed part of the iceberg, including the victimization that occurs when a victim consulting the health system and is accused of masochist, or consulting the legal system can not find the appropriate legislation for protection, to inform you that an episode that does not occur repeatedly, not violence. Family violence is as old as humanity itself, and the serious mistreatment exercised towards primary members of this group, considered from the social imaginary and the concomitant practices, as the "weaker" incredibly has been until the mid-twentieth century, no alone, an accepted behavior, but even encouraged, belonging to the private lives of families, and on which the community, and therefore the state should have no interference.


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