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Modern technologies allow a full and quality control training, even better than when the student pursues full-time education. . on interests of the audience classroom learning: A person has to learn to set over rigid schedule, often goes to a state of fatigue, when not to in order to learn when the information is not perceived (after work, evening, etc.), and on schedule when it is no longer perceived (a person can effectively learn hour and a half, but half a day). When full-time training unavoidable absences, and the irreplaceable loss of important blocks of knowledge. Omitting one or more classes, such as illness, a student misses an important and necessary key information, and hopelessly behind. Often an irreplaceable gap in the future, and is responsible for the termination of training. distance LEARNING: Distance learning – learning is delivered to your home, at your workplace.

This training, when a person can, ready, and able to learn, but not when scheduled lecture. And a person learns as much time as assimilates information. It is believed that a person can learn new knowledge is more than an hour or two a day. E-learning is much interesting learning in the classroom. Such training provides for freedom of movement and activity, flexibility, training schedule, cultivate responsibility for their decisions and actions, and – of inactivity. The student, having a break in training, do not miss anything from the curriculum, and that’s very important – will have consistently solid knowledge – knowledge gaps in distance learning – did not happen.


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