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In this perpetual conflict between imagination and concretude always we will leave losing, always. It is a battle that does not have winner of the side of the humanity. if this to occur already we will not be more human. Credit: Author-2011. In this way it is of if concluding that the accomplishment human being necessarily must pass and must be permeada by conformity with ' ' imagination always perdedora' '. The unexpected ones are to the base of the frustration human being, but that also they are ' ' fortificante' ' for the humanity in crisis.

Everything depends on the way as we look at for this fact concrete and Real of our days. Such unexpected that they generate unexpected errors and rightnesss are the only chance of the humanity to find its vocation. &#039 says the popular expression; ' to make a mistake is humano' ' another one that says ' ' aprende&#039 is errando that if; '. But if to make a mistake is human more human still is the desire of overcoming and rightness. The inconformidade with its is characteristic of the human being ' ' EGO SUM' '. She is necessary to stand out that such characteristic is treated here in the speaking direction of overcoming positively and not of mere magnificent luxury or. After all of accounts, where it is the accomplishment human being? It is inside of each one of us and each citizen only is that it will find the best reply for the accomplishment of its utopias. Remembering that after writing and reading this article immediately we acquire more responsibilities it stops with our rectum acting and existing in this world.


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