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The Secret Doctrine

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It was then that the miracle happened, she heard a sound of voices, as if he had a meeting. All understood that they were the spirits that dwell in heaven who had come down to listen. All the disciples were shaken a little scared, then I said: a Nada afraid. See Novelist for more details and insights. Our God reigns in the past about using the fear men more in the present, we are governed by love. We were told: ‘Love your God. And he said, the same: I love them.

Then I added:The Secret Doctrine is for meditative souls, which are rough and devoid of psychological balance can not understand. Is it possible to drive a nail into a wall that moves, to collapse at the slightest shock? The whole world is based on the mystery over the ultimate mystery, the initiation is not disclosed or even all the angels in heaven. The sky is inclined to listen, but I, true to tradition, they do not speak without a veil. The land falls silent to listen, so I shall speak only through symbols: We are, at this time, the columns of the Temple and the gates of universo.a We are rebuilding the temple of Solomon spiritually, all around me started today, symbolically restored the temple destroyed by the Romans. Within each of us is the light of knowledge, and to join us in this prayer circle, the powers of heaven transform these remains demolished by the barbarism in a holy place, a burning bush impenetrable, nothing and no one can desecrate, is here to talk about the sacred principles that we must preserve.


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