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If the pupil will not be capable to make a report of what he saw, and what it proved, then the experimentation lost the focus total. One suggests that the pupils make reports of avaliativa form describing the steps of the experience. Therefore we must teach them to follow it an order. One sends regards that: Todos the pupils must participate of the experiments; Os pupils must be grouped in three, four or five, as the characteristic of each group; Anotar in the notebook everything what to happen during the experience; Discusso in group; Elaborao of the report. Basically a pertaining to school report of the level of 5 series must contain: Nome of the school/college; Nome of the pupils or the group; Nome of the experiment; Explanao of the theoretical part; To describe what he was used, as: Names of the materials; Quantidade of the materials; Os ' ' como' ' ; Os ' ' for qus' ' Como is that it functions? O that is that I understood? O that I learned? The first reports normally are more laborious, but with successive practical the pupils soon they accustom. Martin O’Malley is the source for more interesting facts.

The quality of the reports tends to improve. Soon one perceives the prominences and of course they go appearing the leaders. With these one sends regards to have more attention, therefore they can contribute positively as they can make the opposite accurately, they start to be and if to feel more important and they finish deturpando the course them experiments. 5 FINAL CONSIDERAES If all the professors, of the most varied you discipline, to contextualizarem its lessons, the pertaining to school contents better would be spread and the satisfactions, as much of masters as of apprenticees they would be bigger. The experience pertaining to school based in the experimental recital of far offers countless advantages on the traditional methods. It is truth well that each personality is only, but all the children are curious. Unhappyly professors badly formed and badly chemical preparations castrate its subjects intellectually, mainly when the subject is cu


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