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Accordingly, the choice of breed. If you need a dog for the soul, only you yourself, at the behest of his soul, you can choose the breed. If you need a dog to protect the urban apartments, the choice is great among the official species. If you are looking for a dog to protect the country house, then you need to choose a puppy wolfhound from producers who have diplomas guard duty (KS-1/vysshaya degree / COP 2, COP-3); they have been confirmed working qualities, and how Typically, they then passed on to at the gene level. If you are looking for a dog for breeding, should be understood by any parent is a dog, to study pedigrees of parents and their results exhibit career. The following choices: male or female? If we evaluate the dogs, the dog is usually more effective on guard. If a family has children, it is better to take the bitch.

She brought up easier, more flexible, by virtue of the parent instinct for clinging to his family. However, their security qualities, and distrust of outsiders is not inferior to male. Choosing a bitch, you should give her a chance to give birth, otherwise there will be a health problem bitch. Regardless of your desire female 2 times a year (rarely 1 time) and flows for nearly a month it will be excluded from the protection of your home. But there is and the pros, because female can every year to bring you the puppies, which can be implemented and to reimburse the cost of maintaining dogs.


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