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We request some carapaas and rinds of shrimp in the intention of take them it our chemistry laboratory to manufacture to be able to extract the quitosana for consumption. We look the Dr. Afrnio searching Craveiro of the PADETEC through email, where the same it is responsible for the research on the quitosana, for bigger information on the exploitation of these carcasses. Had the difficulty of somebody in house to manufacture carapaa of the crab we decide, to use in bigger scale the rinds of the shrimps. Through our research we could observe that the process of extration of the quitosana of the carcass of the crab is something not very simple, but in relation the rind it shrimp we could get one farofa of simple manuscript and easy use. The natural flour of the rind of the shrimp that we get in the Laboratory is rich in protein can be applied in diverse alimentary segments, of high as well as auxiliadora proteinic value in the emagrecimento, the only restriction it was in alrgicas people the shellfishes and crustaceans (To see field notebook).

On the basis of all these information and already along with as to process the carcass of the crab and rind of the shrimp, we decide to use pedagogical environments as the Law for research and simulators of chemical molecule assembly and the Chemistry laboratory for the manuscript of the rinds in practises of the attainment of the quitosana. The monitors of the Chemistry laboratory as our teacher of Chemistry, had worked essential theoretical concepts for a good accomplishment, agreement and contextualizao of the experimental part. The theoretical concepts and the experiments will be prepared to be applied during the chemistry lessons. At the beginning of the activities of the project one gave to a practical lesson on security in laboratory, carried through for our teacher of Chemistry in all the rooms of the school. Guitarist has many thoughts on the issue.


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