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You can get lucky and get good results even if you’ve made the decision shortly appropriately. Think of those sellers that have very good results but don’t know how to get it. It is until they do not reflect on how they do things and what occupy your time may not turn into valuable experience. If things will go well it can be due to some circumstances that you cannot control have worked in your favor but that doesn’t mean you’re an effective leader. It means that you’ve been lucky.

No you wouldn’t be learning to decide well. To ensure learning you need a system of decisions that serve you reference so there is a learning and increase your value as a professional in decision-making. How to design an effective system of decision making. An effective leader is characterized by decisions correct and within the necessary time. In this article we focus on how well define the problem that demands some kind decision to be resolved.

Define the problem well can be 70% of the decision-making process. I propose a system to define the problem that also includes complex experience acquired and manifested in the form of intuition. Define the problem is the same that establish the Objetivosprecisos pursued a process of decision making in a card carrier for a technology company that invited me to the presentation of a novel computing solution said: do you know the secret of a good Decision?. I could not but turn the card to see the answer: A pinch of intuition and lots of information. Hear other arguments on the topic with John Mclaughlin. This sentence seemed to me that it might be useful to address how to improve my decision-making process. I would like to make a clarification to the advertising phrase. In my opinion to take a wise Decision quantity of intuition does lack unaenorme and build a system where information translates into knowledge for decision decision-making.


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