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It could be said that cable occupies one of the latest hierarchies in the concerns of property owners and architects. Definition of a wiring system structured cabling concept structured it is laying cable signal in a building so that any service of voice, data, video, audio, Internet, security, control traffic and monitoring this available and from any wall socket connection of the building. This is possible by distributing each service through the building via a standard structured cabling with copper or fiber optic cables. This infrastructure is designed, or structured to maximize the speed, efficiency and security of the network. Any investment in technology lasts more than cabling system, which is the basis on which other technologies will operate. Designed to facilitate the frequent changes and upgrades, the systems of structured wiring are the foundations upon which modern information networks are built. Despite constant changes your business you face day to day, the cabling system structured can relieve outages at work and falls from the network due to the restructuring of the offices. Any other components of the network has a long life cycle, therefore deserves special attention.

The cabling system structured is the universal platform on which to build the overall information systems strategy. In the same way that the exchange of information is vital for your company, the cabling system is the life of your network. With a cabling infrastructure flexible cabling system structured supports voice, data and video applications regardless of the manufacturer thereof. No matter how much will reach your network grow throughout their life cycle, a reliable and flexible cabling adapts to the growing future needs. Using a star topology, Central nodes that connect all stations, facilitating networking and system administration. CHARACTERISTICS of a system of wiring STRUCTURED between the General characteristics of a wiring system structured include: new posts is set outwards from a central node, without having to vary the rest of the posts.


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