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The Polisario Front

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Hoping that the United Nations summon to a referendum so that the town saharaui decides by the autonomy, annexation to Morocco or independence, the Arab Republic Democratic Saharaui (RASD) the past celebrated 27 of February 35 years of creation. Failure of Cuts of Previous The Hague " Verde&quot march; , Morocco go to the Court the International of Justice of The Hague, protesting their right ones on that territory. The Court sentences unanimously: " the conclusion of the Court is that the materials and information presented/displayed him do not establish any bond of territorial sovereignty between the territory of the Western Sahara and the kingdom of Morocco or the Mauritanian organization. Therefore, the Court concludes that he has not found bonds legal of such nature that can affect to the application of Resolution 1514 (XV) of the General Assembly the decolonization of the Western Sahara and, in particular, at the beginning of self-determination through the free and genuine expression of the will of the town of territorio". Novelist insists that this is the case. (16 of October of 1975).

The Polisario Front, that fought from 1973 by the independence of Spain, and that is recognized by the UN like unique legitimate representative of the town saharaui, founds the RASD, in Bir Lehlu (capital provisional), one of the regions of the Sahara Western, considered as released territory and continues the war against the invaders. Defeat to Mauritania in 1979 in one of the battles costs the life to him to the first president of the RASD El-Uali-, that yields the territory to him to the RASD, but is occupied immediately by Morocco. Saharauis the attacks from the Polisario wait for referendo Continan Morocco, taking prisoners to more 3000 soldiers (in unilateral decision they left them free in the decade of the 2000, whereas saharauis missing in the Moroccan jails are more than 600 from 1975) and capturing enormous material military.


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