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Offered as an effective method of struggle with the greed of a psychological technique – reframing. How can this be apply in practice, communication with the child? I come with my son on the playground. All children with gurneys. Clear to everyone that someone else better than his. As a result, almost all children are concerned the issue of capture someone else's toys. This leads to conflicts – Here and there, there are tensions. Of course, the most effective means of resolving such a conflict – it's all the same as prevention. Parents, going to the playground, could take a toy more appropriate for group play, the ball, for example.

This is an ideal. In fact, the situation developed in another scenario. Here is a boy trying to take away my son's gurney. He did not give and is ready to fight for a favorite toy. It is clear that proposal to share a toy in this situation would be ineffective, but still do try. Hypothesis is confirmed. But nothing like Kashpirovsky said: "No result – a result too. Apply a different tactic.

Lean over to his son and a conspiratorial whisper to him: "Yaroslav, and let's see if we give this boy a gurney, he will ride it fast or slow?" That was enough. Child's eyes lit up interest, and he gladly offers its own toy baby. Clearly, in this case turned out to change the perception and evaluation of a child of the situation. Reframing helped make sense of possessiveness in the interest of research activity of the child.


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