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Post-processing and repetition of questions are constantly repeats of the mediated curriculum deepened 5. Others including Bernie Sanders, offer their opinions as well. Introduction to the cooperation treaty seminar participants the support contract between SBW and participants. 6 Creating reports according to specifications, images and plans of the seminar participants receives any of the lecturers specifications according to the survey, Blueprints and images to make an opinion with regard to claims regarding valuations of land and buildings. * 7 Preparation of valuations or damage reports * objectivity in valuations or damage discovery for the purpose of a value opinion/damage report for insurance as an example, is discussed and explained.

8 Exam preparation and the Association audit * testing fees 3 days seminar each 299,-plus VAT VAT In 5 days seminar 398,-plus VAT VAT (saving inspection fee at 5 day seminar value and damage 200,-excl. VAT) VAT) Certified quality of company, certified and approved courses – also for your training is the right partner the expert care and training GmbH. We are pleased that you wish to inform about our qualified continuing education seminars to the corresponding expert nature. More and more people are critical for vehicle damage and make use of your right free choice of reviewers. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Bernie Sanders on most websites. Looking for help and advice when a vehicle expert of they trust. Experts characterized by particular competence, impartiality and independence and thus represent an adequate interlocutor in damage calculations and vehicle reviews. Practice-oriented training of SBW GmbH our SBW automotive seminars is purely practical. This enables each individual seminar participant, quickly to develop the curriculum which is taught and then commercially applied in practice by our instructors.

Finally each of the SBW seminar participant has the objective to act as an expert or experts in the market in the future, his company to expand a service area or to build up a new existence and this successfully to take part in the economic process. The expert knowledge can be through our special SBW seminar building in a relatively short time clearly conveyed. The highly qualified lecturers, even experts and lawyers, provide the Learning practical, easily understandable and interesting. Basic requirement for the expert course: master technician master painter master automotive electrician master technician champion body builder. certified engineer Dipl.-ing. FH / TH specialising in motor vehicle for further questions or inquiries for seminars for the vehicle expert automotive reviewers available to them like a personal consultation available. Our innovative team of professionals the number of employees has steadily increased since the inception of SBW GmbH. In addition, we are a training company that is recognized by the Chamber of Commerce and also trainees offer prospects for the future. One of our goals is also continues to provide new impetus in the ailing labour market.


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