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The New Generation Of Cooking

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Touch control more difficult, but interesting. It allows you to automatically assess and define the right product for cooking time, based on product type and quantity. It You can pre-program the furnace to perform complicated recipes. But even at such a perfect touch control developers do not stop there. The fact that the sharp jumps of voltage sensor elements sometimes ‘burn up’. This rarely happens, but it happens, and if you want to repair. Therefore, experts believe a more promising electronic push-button control. Most models are equipped with the latest generation of them. The buttons are comfortable, beautiful and triggered by light touch. Dialogue The new generation of microwave ovens modern management is increasingly accompanied by conversational mode – two-way dialogue with the hostess on screen. Interior finish camera The most common inner lining furnaces of highly durable enamel, which is easy to keep clean. There is a growing inner coating of ceramic. It is very durable, it is difficult to scratch, and it is smooth, that particles of fat and other impurities with difficulty kept on this smooth surface. And if it suddenly it fails, they are easily washed off with a soft sponge. True, the ceramic coating quite fragile. But imagine a situation, how can it hurt – it is necessary to exert a fantasy. Coating of stainless steel is durable, beautiful, can withstand any temperature that is very important in grilevom and convection mode. True, to care for such coverage and keep it clean shine a bit more complicated. Sometimes a cheap camera models can be simply painted ‘under the enamel. ” And this option has a right to exist. Coverage normally Hold on if you cook dishes that do not require high temperatures and too much time. In the complete lattice attached devices is desirable for a multilevel grid plates, it allows you to reheat dinner once in a several plates, set one above another. Serve warm up food all at once rather than one by one, as in conventional microwave ovens. It is convenient and because they did not need after washing pan, which was heated by a dinner. If you choose a stove with grill, better, that there was not a grill for grilling, but two: the higher and lower. Cookware Do not worry about it. You can use something that already exists in your home: ordinary porcelain, earthenware, terracotta, ceramics. It is important only that in your pan was not gold or silver rims and patterns, as these metal containing electrically conductive paint and can cause weak electrical shocks. In the microwave oven can cook, even in paper cups (the so-called fast soups), reheat prepared foods in paper bags or wrapped in napkins, paper towels, waxed bumagu.I yet most practical special microwave cookware fire-resistant glass or special plastic. Installation of power also set the time, if you do not use automatic mode menu, you must install the best for a particular dish and your goals power microwaves. Here is a small plaque, which does not even need to remember. Enough to comprehend. 80-150 watts – the regime to maintain the finished dish in a hot state; 160-300 W – defrosting and cooking quot; sensitive ‘products; 400-500 watts – fast thawing in small quantities; 560-700 W – slow cooking or heating of ‘sensitive’ products; 800-900 watts – fast heating and cooking.


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