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Now the necessary Amaznia alone of a little more than ‘ ‘ querer’ ‘ ‘ ‘ we go to make ‘ ‘ , for I left of the politicians to implant resources against the deforestation and other effect, because although all the done and proven studies, and that beyond the most likely test of the global heating she is so clear, the necessary Man to recycle its way to think. Then, what to make to prevent the savanizao of the Amaznia? , The first point is well that this is to the reach of the Brazilians. She is necessary to construct to public politics that focus the reduction of the deforestations of the Amaznia, something that comes in recent years occurring. We go to say that we are in the way certain a time that the deforestation is diminishing. Follow others, such as Residents Energy, and add to your knowledge base. We need to continue and reduziz it for next to zero. We can zero the deforestation, but this will be insufficient with continuity and acceleration of the global heating. We have to create a world-wide strategy of reduction of the emissions, not only in Brazil. This is the great challenge.

If not to reduce the emissions of the fossil fuel burning, that is the main form of emission of effect gases greenhouse, we will very pay a high price exactly if to reduce the deforestations the zero. Bibliographical references Ambrizzi, T.; Rock, R.; Marengo J.; Pisnitchenko. the I.; Alves, L.; Fernandez, J.P.’ ‘ 2007: Regionalizados scenes of climate in Brazil for century XXI: climate projections using three models regionais’ ‘. Report 3, Ministry of the Environment, Secretariat of Biodiversity and Forests, Direction of Conservation of Biodiversity – global climatic Changes and effect on biodiversity?.


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