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The Important of Family

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Statistics show that today only one in four families has at his mother and father at home. That means that most children do not see at least one parent regularly. The percentage of working women with children is also growing. In 1970 were 39%. Today it is 69%, and growing. The fast pace of modern lifestyle, regardless of social strata, has led to the sad fact that each family member, including children, sleep under the same roof, but have very individual and separate lives during the day. This encourages selfishness, egocentricity and lack of concern for others. Is not there a big controversy with the heroic stories we read recently? Are we too preoccupied with the urgency that we forget the most important? How can we spend more time in our families, if we barely have time to meet all other obligations? Here are five steps you can take to improve their relations within the family: 1.

– First of all, acknowledge your limitations and stop trying to live their lives with their own efforts. It was not designed for that. 2. – A cerquese their Creator and learn to leave in His hands what you are trying to achieve. In Matthew 16:33 says. "Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His perfect righteousness and everything else will be added." That will help make the best possible within a healthy time frame and then will be able to trust that God will do His part as you are devoted to his family. 3.

– Prioritize your life and write them down. Think about going to love having her on his deathbed. Does your statement, your diplomas or trophies? Or will want to be surrounded by his loved ones? 4 .- Plan time with your family daily and weekly. Nothing is free. Mean neglecting to pursue the good which is excellent. 5 .- Remember your priorities and defiendalas. Sometimes going to have to fight with their claws and talons to establish them in a world that will continually be pushing for the longer side. In conclusion, I invite all parents to ponder the following words: "In 100 years will not matter how much money was in your checking account, or the type of house they lived, or the brand of car in which he walked. But the world might be a better place because you were important in the life of a child. "


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