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Not to mention the cost for installation, customization, and administration. Small businesses and start-ups it hard with such spending, even though the quality of these products is good. Horde is a cheap and powerful alternative to Microsoft Exchange servers. Professional programming of the Horde modules although once requires a financial investment, but in the long run leads to worthwhile cost savings. Horde is an open-source system the concept of open-source programs is used for a long time in IT, such as open Office document management or different software for the design of websites and online stores. Open-source software can be free and without any restrictions used both commercial and private. The free products are managed mostly by a community, working voluntarily and free of charge. It ensures that the Programs always up to date and help users in problems.

It is also valid safety standards to ensure. Horde financed like other open-source projects through voluntary donations. The application of Horde modules in the workplace already the basic version of Horde can improve the efficiency of many processes. Here are some examples: time management: the team Assistant manages the calendar of the heads online. The Chief and other staff can read and if necessary even write permissions received. Data and information management: Head of Department adds updated of his sales numbers in a worksheet, which all vendors can work with.

At the same time, he coordinates the date for the next meeting with the calendar module. All those involved are on the same level of information. Keep overhead low: information can be networked with one another and more easily edited through cross-cutting access to different databases. Online shop: Order To establish links with an ERP system can be programmed according to the ERP modules. A module can provide all necessary data at your fingertips and plan important numbers, as it is necessary, for example, in the management of inventories. Also data that so far often time consuming and expensive – have been maintained in Excel, can be converted to Horde. The Horde module world a horde system is modular in design. The standard equipment includes the IMP modules for email, Kronolith calendar and the module Turba address book. Each module provides the user with a high degree of functionality available. Its great advantage is the compatibility of the individual modules: you write for example an E-Mail with the help of the IMP module, then you automatically have access to the address book of the turba module and can immediately select the address of the recipient. Horde offers tailor-made solutions that are easy to implement quickly and cost-effectively businesses as well as individuals. Horde modules are diverse and can be extended. Whether you want the pooling and management of customer database or sophisticated statistics need Horde modules to the productivity offer the right solution for every need. A tailor-made application of the Horde modules offers Launix based software company Launix on solutions to the use of Horde, tailored to the inpiduellen steps of the user. The company offers a complete service that includes both the Setup, installation, and programming as also the care of the user. The focus on the development of the individual modules, adapted to the needs of the company. So every single employee productivity. Launix provides professional solutions with Horde and creates efficient, results-oriented Office jobs.


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